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  • Site live again

    Hi All-

    So after about 7 or 8 months the K1 Attack website is live again! The site was initially down because the host upgraded their servers and the old version of the site forum software wasn't compatible. Alex was looking in to it but eventually I offered to take over the site. This too took time because I'm in the middle of some bad personal issues but eventually I got my head wrapped around the site and decided to move it to be hosted directly with vbulletin. This means it will never go down due to any issues with compatibility. I do apologize to everybody for the long delay.

    The good news is that the site is up and not going anywhere. Over the next few weeks I hope to fine tune the forum and do things like create headers etc. to make it look nice. I am now the admin of the site and not going anywhere anytime soon. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, problems... send them to me. I hope to see our community grow with the continued growth of b-racing and more kits being sold.


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    Ok, so I fine tuned the forum's controls and a few other details but am looking for a volunteer to make it look pretty in terms of a header and other aspects of the design like colors. Let me know if you are interested and happy holidays!


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      This site's renewal is coming up. Due to low activity I'm wondering if it makes sense to continue paying the fees. In the past another member was paying these fees out of pocket. This responsibility has been passed to me. The current cost is about $200 annually. If anybody would like to contribute, please contact me.


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        Hi dis1,
        I used to be in I.T. Why is it so much for hosting? Or are there other fees?


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          Well it is for everything, hosting, domain name and the forum software. There were a lot of problems with the vBulletin compatibility with servers and stuff so instead of buying the software and hosting it elsewhere I found that the best option was to host directly with them. This way all updates and stuff are automatic and there is never any issue with it going down. This site went down for close to a year because of these issues. That's when I took it over.

          That said, I'm not an IT guy so automatic options are more attractive to me. I don't have the time to both learn and fiddle with a bunch of settings to keep the site working. :-P


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            Hey I'm new here and would like to know if you still sell these kits cause all over the internet people are saying it's discontinued I'm from California by the way


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              They were discontinued for some time but Petr from B-racing has taken over the rights and is offering kits again. He has been offering kits for a number of years now. The rest of the internet is either poorly informed or out of date. I have personally received parts from Petr.


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                Thanks if I can help in any way I'm here cause I really want a kit


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                  Forum renewal is once again here. So far nobody has donated. Just a reminder that fees are about $180-$200 annually. If you have the means, please consider doing your part to keep our site alive. PayPal is csaftner at the normal gmail. Thanks to all for your contributions, not only financially but also when you post content. We are a small group so I appreciate all of you that post!