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Got owned by a deer.

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  • Got owned by a deer.

    I got owned by a deer on the way to a meeting this morning.

    I was going around a turn, wet road, at a normal speed, when BAM!! there's this deer in front of me. I have no time to react so i spin wheel and slam brakes (stupid me!). Rear end skids into other lane, then i'm 90 degrees sideways going down the hill....then for some reason i get traction and shoot forward right into the back on the side of the road...I nailed a garbage can and my back end spins out, I go up the bank, flip over once, and land right side up.

    As soon as I was 90 degrees sideways i was just there for the ride, nothing I could do.

    Car's at the shop now...and I'm alright. I was released from the hospital a while ago so no problems there, just a broken left leg, so i'll be driving an auto for a while.

    I'm getting a rental car so I can go places while the car's gone.

    Insurance is full coverage after a $250 deductable, they pay for the rental car and the towing also.

    I guess it turns out alright, since I get the two small dents that were already in my body fixed, and new paint....but then I get shafted with insurance for a long time.

    Keep in mind this was all at 6 this morning.


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    Very pricey was to get the dents out. I am glad that you are ok. Broken leg still sucks. I presume you missed Bambi or you would be talking about having Venison(SP?) for the holidays. I drive to work about 5:30 and I have to watch for deer on old country roads as well. What a hell of a way to wake up. Hope you did not spill coffee on the interior


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      I was going around a turn, wet road, at a normal speed, when BAM!!
      Glad your ok

      Now from experience you can tell some of the guys what it feels like to do the Happy Dance through the woods at a high rate of speed....

      My guess is you will be a hurtin this time tommorow.. Usually take 24hrs to catch up..



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        Didn't spill coffee on the interior...funny thing is, I normally bring coffee in the morning, but I forgot to yesterday morning lol. Good thing!!!

        Yeah I'm in some pretty intense pain neck, back, shoulders, wrist..mainly neck tho.

        Plus the maro's in the shop and I have to drive an auto 2003 ford focus sedan