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  • Hi lads and lasses

    I am back lads I have moved house and have really been rushed off my feet for about 4months. Well I am going to build an Attack fan website before long will have load of Wallpaper and other things like that on.

    Oh and to any new member that have joined the forum welcome to the site. Can one of you senior members fill me in on the big new sine’s I was last on?

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    euhm... a lot of new news !

    one of the most is the pictures at Frankfurth (something like that in germany) with new pictures and new build attacks. Nice colors etc... and the some fitting problem has you can see. But teh car was build fast.

    What else, some people didn't love the way I was writting

    I think it's the most part. There was a lot of topic bring up by new members that didn't use the search function.

    soo always the old good stuff. and people are getting their kit shipping should arrive soon, soo I would say in some weeks we should have more pictures, news etc...
    Why complicate things when you can make them simple.


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      Welcome back Sam. I would have to say that the biggest news is the wonderful highschool team in Philli.

      Everything else is like usual. Lots of discussions but no one else with kit yet.


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        Thanks for your help I will get back into the swing of things in the next few days or so.