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    HELLO GUYS ! YES, ALEX, you did a really god job with this forum (btw, i have a very good friend in bozman, montana - dr. Munro).
    i've just found the k1 and the forum website after looking for a K&N air filter for a HONDA ACCORD '95 !!! so, is there anybody able to post some answers to these basic questions :

    1.what's the timeframe between placing an order and getting the kit
    2.there is a big difference - $ 8,000 - between the euro finaldrive and the us finaldrive model ! maybe shipping ? i think it's too much
    3.does anybody have this kit/model car right now - here, in us ?
    that's it for now ! thanks. chris.

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    Chris, the Attack would make a heck of a car from that Accord you have, unless of course you need the Accord for practical reasons. Glad you found us.

    This information will go into my FAQ when I get to it but since you asked....

    The Attack is a brand new design that has come a long way and is just about to be release within months. The photos of the prototype you see on their website was just posted a month or two ago.

    The first kits are shipping just before the end of the year so if you ordered now you are probably only looking at a month or so after that.

    So, nobody has their car yet.

    The price list you are quoting is very new. In fact I didn't even know about it until you said something and I have been to that page in the last few days.

    You are right that is a huge jump. I would guess the cost comes from the shipping and import issues with bringing a car into the US rather than a kit of parts.

    You should email K1 to get official answers. They always get back to you within 24hrs so you should know pretty soon. If you find out any new info, post it up here for us.
    Alex Lear administrator