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  • Just got here

    My name is Jason. I just recently found out about the attack while searching for fiero conversion kits. I was going to make a fiero to Lambo conversion until i found the attack. But now plans have changed. The attack is just way too cool to pass up. (I still can't believe how much it weighs)

    I hope to see this site grow and to meet all you enthusiasts in time. Maybe you can teach me some things too.


    PS. Nicely made forum Alex, if you need help with anything just ask.

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    Welcome to the site Jason, I know what you mean about the Attack being too cool to pass up. I have never been into Fiero to Lamborghini or Ferrari conversions because they are a lot of work and to me it was still a fiero underneath. The Attack seems like its own car regardless of a few parts borrowed from another car.

    If I need some help, I'll keep you in mind. Hopefully, this is a website that won't need too much maintanance. I have a good host with lots of space/transfer so we should be able to do cool stuff like video in the future.
    Alex Lear administrator


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      My name is Tung. I heard about K1 Styling a few months ago when I use to subscribe to Kit Car Magazine. I talk to K1 styling about things here and there. Also I'm planning to restart my car business again and later on will probably consider becoming a dealership to resell cars. I'm thinking of planning to become a dealer and builder for K1 Styling. As for now I'm just learning some webpage design skills.

      I seen and sit in several Fiero conversion Lamborghini and Ferrari. Feel like the real thing.. sorta. But having the girls jock/dig on your car .. priceless. I'm pratically very interested in cars. I own several Honda/Acura: Civic Integra(usual), Toyota 4Runner, Ford Thunderbird, Chrysler LeBaron GTS Turbo, and I even had a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT V6. Boy I was about to go buy the kit but then there was some financial issues so I sold it. I bought that Fiero for $300. Pretty cheap huh?

      I think I just talk too much lately on the board. heh