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  • Hello from Pittsburgh Pa

    Hey all. Name is Craig and I am currently shopping for a kit car. I am a state certified auto tech with inspection license in Pa and have built a few production cars up to be some pretty sweet HP monsters and drag and drift machines!!!

    I really like the Attack styling and the fact that it uses common Honda parts that are about as inexpensive as GM parts!!! I have also been looking at the DDR Motorsports Miami GT kit and the FFR 818 kit. the FFR is the least expensive of all 3 and uses the Boxer engine and tranny out of a WRX and the MIAMI GT would allow me to put my favorite engine in it, the 13b rotary.

    Anyways, Ill keep lurking and learning ,and hope to help too. Maybe I will do the attack as it is my favorite in styling. We shall see.

    BTW, Anyone close to Pittsburgh Pa with an Attack? Id love to check one out in person.


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    Hey Craig - welcome. I'm in MD building a kit if you want to make a trip out. I also considered the DDR kit and the GTR. 13b is also my fav engine and I own a FD. 818 wasn't around when I was looking but the styling for that kit isn't there anyway. I didn't like the seating position in the GTR and both it and the DDR are rather expensive. In the end it came down to the Attack or T-rex clone. Today the choice would be easy with B-Racing supporting the car.


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      Sup fellow Rotorhead!! I built a sweet FC drift monster, but alas, sold it. How I miss that beast. ahaha. Yea Id love to take a trip out, gotta clear with the missus and baby first tho lol.

      I PMed a local guy that built one but he appears to not have been on here for over a year. csjrishere he seems to be pretty knowledgable and shareed a lot of info on the car back in the day.

      For me, I have several factors that lean me to the 818. The support is huge for the car, between the FFR forums, the NAISOC forums and FFR directly. The cost of the car kit and the huge aftermarket for the boxer engine.

      The DDR, well it is so much easier on the eyes then the 818 and the rotary engine option, but cost and other things NOT included with the kit can make finished cost rise fast.

      The Attack, man, just sexy and a sweet and complete looking interior. Plus the rareity of the car in the states and the support of multple honda forums and this forum for the car kit! If I would go down this road, I would most deff try to get back into the car show game again. Get with some of the industry insiders I know and get the car to SEMA.

      Ill keep lurking, lets see some good pics folks!!!! Sell me on the Attack!!!!


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        Agree with all you said. FFR is the best kit maker out there so quality and ease of build will be second to none. However that car just doesn't inspire. The interior alone would be enough to make me want to look elsewhere. They did great with the GTM's inside so it really is puzzling. Pic attached... yuk.

        With the Toyota and Honda versions offered by B-Racing I wouldn't think you even need to consider other options. Plus, if you have enough for a DDR build then you could find a way to put a rotary in the K1. Basically the trans is the expensive part.

        Does this help convince you? ;-)
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          Hahaha. Yea I looked at the bare interior as a canvas to do what I please. Eh it is bland lol. As fas as the rotary n tranny thing, a lot of peeps use the Porsche g50 which is 6k but rumor had it that Kennedy engineering can make adapters to mate the rotary up with a Scooby tranny!!! I can get them all day for under a grand!!!


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            Ug, don't tempt me with such knowledge or my project will never be finished.

            Image attached from B-Racing's FB page.
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