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new K1 fan..lucky enough to see em' in person

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  • new K1 fan..lucky enough to see em' in person

    Hey Ya'll!

    I wanted to introduce myself to the forum. Ive just recently became a fan of the K1 attack when I was at SEMA 07 where I met the Ultimate Kit Builders of Danbury,CT. Actually I fell in love with this car 5 days before I even met the guys of UKB.
    Im a 24 year old female enthusiast that has a WELL modified IS300 turbo'd.
    But I must say, when I set my eyes on the K1.. I was mesmorized. The body lines are so sexy.. just every little curve or line. Absolutely Amazing.
    I must say I have never been a fan and never had much interest in kit cars at all until I saw this one.
    Reading old posts on the forum, I realize that the fate of the K1 is at stake it seems like.
    I am definitely a lucky person. As not only getting to see this car at SEMA (ha ha and sitting in it). I also got the wonderful opportunity to visit the guys of UKB. Tim and Jay are very cool guys and do wonderful work. Great fabricators. Their passion for this car shows thru the craftsmanship and design of their K1s.
    I look forward to learning more about this beautiful car through the boards.

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    Welcome, unfortunately things are pretty slow around here since K1 pulled the plug on the kit business a couple years ago. afaik there are only a handful and builders still floating around and most of the 'fan' community has dried up...