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hi... i'm from austria

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  • hi... i'm from austria

    hello everybody...

    i'm a 16yr old boy from austria!!

    i ever wanted to have a lotus super seven! that was my dream, and it was really sure that i'm going to buy a kit car when i'm 17 or 18 yrs old! but then i've seen the attack!!

    and now i want to know if i can get a permission for this car in austria an how much i have to pay for a complete kit!!

    i'm only a poor pupil...

    greets from austria!!
    sorry for my bad english
    i hobe you can understand it ;)

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Sorry I don't know anything about getting a kit in Austria or distribution of the Attack in Europe.
    "This Nackedei could be worth a sin."


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      As far as we have heard Austria is a "turn-key" country only. That is K1 has not licensed anyone to sell kits there in hope of fostering more pre-built car sales while controlling car quality. Assuming you can figure a way around that (K1 is only a country away), in round numbers figure it will cost about 15000 to 20000 Euros for the kit, and another 5000 to 10000 to get it together with paint and wheels. At 16-18. and describing yourself as a poor pupil I would think this would be too much to even consider...


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        so.... i talked to the importer for austria, and he said that it isn't sure yet if you can get this car also as kit, or only finished....

        you can buy either the v6 with new components or the 2.0 accord with used components... the price for the better one is around 62000 and for the other 30-32000 !!

        sorry for my bad english
        i hobe you can understand it ;)