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    Hello all!
    Please let me introduce myself to you guys. My name is Alex but I'm not Alex Lear who build this website. I live at Montreal, Canada. I'm a french Canadian and english is not my mother language, so please don't pay attention to the error I'll make.

    I love cars since I'm a little guy, I'm now 27. I build a website on my passion. I also place a forum on mine and we're like a family. We are currently working on a collectif project which will be made with the knowledge of the members. Since today, our project was to put a 302 (the Ford Mustang 5.0L engine) in a Mazda Miata MX5 and push it to 500hp with a maximum weight of 1000Kg (2200lbs) and a 50/50 balance. The car will have the color of the website and the name of all members who will have worked on the car will be signed on the paint. It's possible but it's a lot of work. Here's a website where you can see what it looks like :

    As I said, it's a lot of job. Many fitting and lot of organisation. We need sponsors (around 40 000$ budget), contact (Lots of modification to do), time and participation from the membres of my forum. Also, we need to build the car from scratch.

    Today, things seems to have changed a little bit... One of my members show us the image of the K1 Evoluzion1 asking us what's that car. We found the K1 website, then the Attack... I think I fall in love with this car! I read all the informations on the K1 website and now I need more information to see if this could be our project. I sent a mail to K1 about that.

    So, I'm happy to be with you guys and I hope to learn a lot here on this car.

    See ya