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    Despite the situation about global measures related to COVID 19, we are still working. We are currently finishing 2 Turn-key car projects (based on H22 and K20 Honda powertrains), the production and sale of kits has not been interrupted.


    - Delivery times are extended because not all suppliers are operating at full capacity. We are currently 6 - 8 weeks to export a new order for the K-1 kit.

    - Thanks to the longer production time and the current USD/CZK exchange rate, we can offer 5-10% discount for AttackForum members. Please, email me or send PM for information about discount for your order.

    K-1 models:

    - Sales of kits based on donor cars still continue. It's the cheapest way for builders to reach a complete car.

    - As a hot news, the Universal kit will be introduced soon. This kit has its own custom-made chassis (both axles, steering, brake system, pedals, wiper arm, etc.). This minimizes the need for donor parts, the customer builds a really unique car. The main benefit will be choice to use different powertrain units. The kit can also be fitted with V6 or V8 engines.

    I will provide more information on our website and here on the AttackForum during the month of July.

    K-1 video series:

    - Due to the fact that many mass events have been canceled for this season and it will not be possible to present our cars to the public, I decided to make a mini-series about K-1 Attack cars from their inception to the present. In each part we will focus on one powertrain and try to approach their advantages and strengths.

    - I believe that for many potential customers it will be useful information that will help to decide which version of the kit is ideal for them.

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    Welcome back Petr! I'm so glad that you're making a full recovery. I'm sure it has been a difficult time for you and your family/friends. Sometimes passions need to be put to the side during such times but thinking about them and remembering the passion you have for them help you strive for recovery.

    I'm really looking forward to your continued revisions of the kit. I hope I can buy some of the parts for my kit as you invent them. I'm also really looking forward to your videos. Will they be in English or have English subtitles?


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      Good news Petr!
      Looking forward for the development.


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        Can't wait to see improvements, new parts, and kit updates. Will be watching.
        Live... Love... DRIVE!!….:)


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          Awesome update Petr! I'm still looking at which kit I want to build and nearing the savings goals to pull the trigger. I had planned to visit a few companies this year, but that's been put on hold due to the COVID-19. I think videos are a great way to get information out there for all to see and aid in making decisions. I know it's helping me a ton to hear about what is available and know the level of support available when diving into these kits. I'll be looking forward to the video posts.