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    Dear K-1 friends,

    I would like to explain my absence here on the forum, no new materials were published on our social channels for a long time, our cars were parked in garages. Potencial customers did not receive the technical support they were used to get from me.
    By combining unfortunate coincidences, I damaged my 2 intervertebral discs during sports activities with my friends. That was the end of the year, December 2018.

    It was a difficult time with uncertain future. I have entrusted myself to the team of specialized doctors who treat professional athletes. The reason was clear - they guaranteed me a return to active life, the opportunity to play sports again, drives a powerfull sports cars, etc.

    I had to stop all the activities I like and focus only on a quick recovery and a return to active life.

    In K-1 cars world, I reduced my activity only to overseeing ongoing orders. My life slowed down after years and I had the opportunity to think a lot. Thanks to that, there are news about K-1 cars, which I will introduce to you in other threads in the near future.

    I am currently back in a full-fledged work process and I am waiting for the last 4 weeks of the rest (rehabilitation) regime to pass and I am very much looking forward to being able to sit in K-1 again after long time and be flooded with adrenaline.

    Petr / B-racing