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general consensus on the best tires for Attack

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  • general consensus on the best tires for Attack

    Need tires for my current project, and I'm leaning towards the toyo tires proxes 4. Does anyone have personal experience on these tires? Other recommendations are welcome. I prefer all-season tires. Will post some pics of my project next time. My Attack is in the body shop right now.

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    Why do you prefer all season? Are you planning to drive your Attack in the snow? I suggest summer tires for the Attack, no question. I try to find better tires that don't cost a fortune. I recently bought some Federal 595 RS-R tires and really enjoyed them. They had great traction, progressive at the edge and talked a bit. My previous Falkens never spoke to me (squeal) so breaking loose was a bit more unpredictable.


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      The weather doesn't get too bad here, but I'm thinking that all-season tires will last longer than summer tires. Also, I have no plan to drive my car really hard.


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        In this case summer tires or all season will be fine but unless you drive a lot of miles then the tires age, now miles, will determine how long they last.


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          Sorry for the late reply. I ended up getting the Pirelli P Zero. So far, they wear well. They have a good grip and less noise. Cornering response of these tires is quite impressive.