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    Very interested in everything that I can learn about an EV Attack. I just purchased a unbuilt kit with the intention of utilizing the R&D that Tesla already did and just purchasing their components. They spent millions figuring out how to make a super-quick car with 250 mile range...why re-invent the wheel? It is my understanding that they don't actually make any of the components, and just use modified "off the shelf" parts. Anybody know more??

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    You're not going to find the motor, inverter, charging system, or transmission as off the shelf components. Most was developed through Tesla with licensed technology from AC Propulsion. The battery (ESS) is being sold to large companies through the spin-off company called Tesla Energy Group.

    Also to be fair, Tesla lowered the roadsters range to 200 miles after more research. (still not too bad)

    The power to weight ratio on the motor is impressive and you won't likely find anything like it easily available.
    Alex Lear administrator


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      Tesla ACPropulsion

      Tesla used the designs of They made the T-Zero and drove it to Scottsdale, Sun FEST in 2004 and it had over 300 mile range.

      ACP was the first to use the super powerful and efficient AC drive system. They also used lithium batteries and made the battery monitoring system that works very well. They also have adjustable regeneration and V2G Vehicle to GRID .

      Check their website for the best designs and technology for EVs. They also converted all the Mini-E EVs and others like their eBox.