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  • New electric Attack area

    Aaron sent me a message and asked to have an EV (electric vehicle) Attack area added to the forum.

    Sure no problem. Only a few people know this but my kit has been on hold for quite some time because I want to make it electric but currently lack that much funding to do it properly. So it sits patiently...

    I've been heavy in the EV scene for a while now. I build and modify electric cars for a dealer here in Montana. We have laws that let the NEV's go 35mph so I modify all those that get sold here. Mainly ZENN's, Kurrent's, etc. We are just starting on a new project to do an EV conversion on a brand new Subaru Forester. ( You have to live here to understand why anyone would want that vehicle as electric ) We'll be picking up the car in Colorado early next week and the electric components have been selected and will be here soon. Its a minimal compromise conversion which means with the exception of range, you don't have to give up anything. Unless by give up you mean going to the gas station, changing the oil, noise, and tax breaks.

    I like the idea of an EV attack but the situation with no US Attack distrobution support would make me nervous if I was looking to buy at this point. None the less, the Attack would be an interesting "poor mans" Tesla roadster. Personally I think AC drive systems are superior for EV usage but you could probably do a cheaper dual DC motor (adv.DC or Warp) setup and get nice performance for autocross. Even at this weight, don't plan on getting good range for a cheap battery soultion (i.e. lead acid).

    Alex Lear administrator

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    thank you very much for setting this up.

    I'll begin with posting the propulsion system and battery module images, along with fabrication drawings of the EV Attack here shortly.
    I've stayed mostly in lurking mode, aside from random messages sent to some members. Jeff (flyinfej) has been incredibly helpful with sharing his expert experience.

    I'm currently working on the software for the battery management system for the A123 lithium cell clusters. This is an extraordinarily difficult part of the project. There are no resources who have history in working with LiFEP04 lithium titanate chemistry that I can draw from, and so has been painfully slow.
    Following that, the next items to be integrated are a digital touch screen insturment cluster, and an RFID transponder for keyless operation. The hardware is here, although no telemetry software has been written yet.

    Hopefully others might be inspired to take on something like this after seeing the project.

    Regards, Jeff


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      EV cars are all said and good, but how long does the battery run for before it needs a change? I know that the Tesla Roadster and Venturi Fetish can only run for about 2hrs before the batteries are drained and need recharging.

      Are you also making your attack all EV or are you doing a hybrid?
      Thats the way the cookie Crumbles... just my .02


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        Originally posted by Jayschmay
        Are you also making your attack all EV or are you doing a hybrid?
        This is a pure EV. No ICE. It needs to be stealthy quiet, along with blistering quick.

        On another note: it appears there's a broad interest in an EV Attack. The 'bones website has received a few dozen hits through the URL link the parent message last week, and even a couple o' whacks from .CZ today. Hmmm.
        Maybe there's a dick looking.

        Regards, Jeff


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          Jeff, can you post a new thread with info on your drivetrain and component selections? Are you using any kind of multispeed transmission or going with fixed gear ratio? I've been toying with the idea of an all wheel drive setup since it would be relatively easy given the ability to drive the front hubs.

          Also, did you pony up for the cost of the cells or did you get A123 to sponsor you?
          Alex Lear


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            EVX Team

            whats up K-1 lovers I am one of the students that created the first K-1 roadster hybrid. We have won the tour De soul with this and numerous other competitions. we have now entered the automotive X prize and we need help. We are building a new car and need funding and support, so if you guys know someone who knows someone pass our name. this will be greatly appreciated.

            Thanks guys
            Calvin Harrington
            EVX Team Co. Captain