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    Hey all,

    It looks like this forum is not used much, but I may reach out from time to time to get some advice. I have finally received my kit and have started working on it. My goal is to finish the K1 kit with a Tesla drive train. I started a YouTube channel to document my efforts.
    Feel free to follow along and give me advice.

    Electric SuperCar

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    Hi and welcome,

    Going EV is a very nice choise, I also thought about it but was and still not ready to go this way, still study EV
    Couple of major question
    - what engine specs are you planning -Torque, HP, voltage, AC or DC setup? -K1 frame is calculated to withstand 450hp, not sure on the torque number. There is a reinforced version for 560hp as far as I recall, what frame do you have?
    - what battery you are planning? how many kWh, used Tesla blocks or new? other brand? Cooling for battery block - air, liquid? Battery management Tesla?
    - brakes - energy recuperation? ABS, other electronic help systems?

    Watched youtube videos, if you continue this way it would be awesome.


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      The engine (electric motor) will we the rear drive unit from a Tesla S Performance model. This is a DC setup (400V). The horsepower rating for the motor is 455kW (610 hp). With the controller I have I will likely set the Max horsepower to ~400. I was not aware that there were multiple frame options. I worked with Petr and let him know my plans before ordering, so I hope the frame is capable. I will need to do some frame fabrication to mount the drive train anyway so I could reinforce then if needed. The batteries I was planning on the LG Chem 16S 2.6kWh Battery and have 12 of them (6 each in series). This would give me about 30kWh. I am planning on ~100 mile range. These would be new batteries. I am planning to start out with air cooling for the batteries and see if I need to add liquid cooling. I am planning on a different (not Tesla) battery management system. There will be regenerative braking. I am not currently planning on ABS but the bearings are set up so that I can add this later if I choose to.


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        Time for some advice. I am putting in the brakes. Using 2002 Honda Civic master cylinder. My question is about the valving. Would you opt for a proportioning valve, combination valve, just a distribution block, nothing at all?


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          I think this largely depends on what brakes you're running. I think I saw you're running a BBK, Brembo in the front. What ya doing in the rear? In any case I'd suggest a proportioning valve unless you want to run the risk of adding one after you test the brakes and fine that front/rear locks up too soon compared to the rear/front.


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            Good comment.

            I have 4 piston Brembo brakes in the front and Tesla (4 piston brembo) brakes in the rear.


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              I would suggest calculate if Civic master cylinder is enough to power 4 piston in front and in rear. I calculated mine to see what kind of foot power I need for Accord 93 master with 4 piston Wilwood front and Cadillac with integrated park lever in the rear. And go for proportioning


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                So I have a couple of screen shots of the tesla rear subframe with the K1 frame overlay. The designed placement of the coilovers for the K1 look like they will be ~2in inboard of the stock tesla location. My plan is to change the mounting point of the coilover to match the location and angle of the stock tesla struts. The plan for the frame is all weld on (no cutting) to bring the frame to the four motor mounting points.

                You can see a little more in the last 3 minutes of this YouTube video.

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                  Why do you want to change the shock angle? To what end other than extra work?


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                    The point at which the Tesla suspension accepts the shock absorber is not identical to the honda accord. It's position is ~2in further outboard toward the wheel. Something needs to be adjusted to accommodate. What would be your suggestion?


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                      Oh I see... My suggestion? Hmm, tough one. I suspect that if you use the original mounting point then the angle wouldn't be right for mounting but I don't know. It will depend on what shock you use too and how its mounted. I'd probably wait until you have all the parts and then just start working on it.