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    Hey all,

    It looks like this forum is not used much, but I may reach out from time to time to get some advice. I have finally received my kit and have started working on it. My goal is to finish the K1 kit with a Tesla drive train. I started a YouTube channel to document my efforts.
    Feel free to follow along and give me advice.

    Electric SuperCar

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    Hi and welcome,

    Going EV is a very nice choise, I also thought about it but was and still not ready to go this way, still study EV
    Couple of major question
    - what engine specs are you planning -Torque, HP, voltage, AC or DC setup? -K1 frame is calculated to withstand 450hp, not sure on the torque number. There is a reinforced version for 560hp as far as I recall, what frame do you have?
    - what battery you are planning? how many kWh, used Tesla blocks or new? other brand? Cooling for battery block - air, liquid? Battery management Tesla?
    - brakes - energy recuperation? ABS, other electronic help systems?

    Watched youtube videos, if you continue this way it would be awesome.


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      The engine (electric motor) will we the rear drive unit from a Tesla S Performance model. This is a DC setup (400V). The horsepower rating for the motor is 455kW (610 hp). With the controller I have I will likely set the Max horsepower to ~400. I was not aware that there were multiple frame options. I worked with Petr and let him know my plans before ordering, so I hope the frame is capable. I will need to do some frame fabrication to mount the drive train anyway so I could reinforce then if needed. The batteries I was planning on the LG Chem 16S 2.6kWh Battery and have 12 of them (6 each in series). This would give me about 30kWh. I am planning on ~100 mile range. These would be new batteries. I am planning to start out with air cooling for the batteries and see if I need to add liquid cooling. I am planning on a different (not Tesla) battery management system. There will be regenerative braking. I am not currently planning on ABS but the bearings are set up so that I can add this later if I choose to.