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Engine Choices For The Atk

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  • Engine Choices For The Atk

    Has anyone checked into a Saab Turbo engine or a Turbo VW, or even a Maxima V6 with a supercharger from Stillen. Better yet what are your thoughts on the engine selection mentioned above?

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    too much trouble to fit IMO.

    Why would someone go trow all of that ? ok, those engine are nice but it would be a pain in the ass to put those engine in a little place like the attack engine bay.

    It's just soo tight already for the H22, those engine would be even more crazy to fit, with customs mouths etc... I hope you got a lot of $$$.

    may be the VW 1.8T might fit cause it's not that big and for thte Saab engine, I don't know what it's look like and how it's work soo can't tell. but the Maxima one, just forget about that one, it's kinda twice too big to get in there.
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      Ever worked on either engine? Those have be some of the hardest to work, pains in the ass of an engine. So imagine on working on it in the smaller Attack. It will be like a Fiero, having to remove the engine completely to most any work.
      So what's going in my Attack?
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