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    V6 CARS.... KIT VERSUS TURNKEY factory cars

    Originally posted by robcamilleri View Post
    Having had access to the K1 factory & access to the original designer. I am certain that there were 30 original attacks built by K1 engineering. All were fitted with 3 litre ford V6 engines and none were built using a donor car. Parts were sourced from other automotive manufacturers but were purchased as parts & fitted in the original production of the cars.

    These were therefore limited production cars & not kit cars. There was also a race car version built using the original chassis & K1 Attack moulds but was considerably lighter as it used single skin panels. This was fitted with a modified twin turbo 3 litre V6 engine. This car weighs around 750 kg & produces 550 bhp. The car is red in colour, has a GT look to it due to the rear engine cowl & has a large air scoop on the roof to force air into a very large inter-cooler fitted in the rear between the large carbon fiber rear wing & diffuser at the rear.
    I sent Robcamilleri a couple of PMs concerning the TURNKEY V6-equipped cars he is mentioning above as ' limited production" cars in the above post [he's told me he owns 2 of them, as well a race-version... & all w/V6 engines!!!]; these TURNKEY K1 cars produced by the factory were V6 & indeed used other auto mfr's new parts in it's design/assembly [just like most K1 "kit" builders here used; I'm sure not many just put a 'used' Honda engine in their build that was not re-done/built up w/aftermarket parts, some even including TURBOs.....+ new calipers, fuel pump, MC, etc. etc.], so these TURNKEY cars did use parts that came somehow from a "DONOR" car [Ford Mondeo V6 engine as an example] ; & all of my "kit" parts were NEW & from various other car mfrs, like Acura, Honda, GM, etc ... {as an aside, even a Delorean I had in my garage for a while used parts from various DONOR cars like Volvo [engine], Porsche [fuel pump], Brembo/Porsche [calipers] etc."}....
    See this post by Alan of EuroWorks about the differences between the factory turnkey cars & the kit version he sold for K1 in the USA, at least back in 2004>>
    Also Alan noted in another Forum post that he sold 18 Honda-based 'kits' thru his EuroWorks distributorship, all of which I have identified thru various forum posts, & have 'frame numbers' associated with them. Surprisingly Robcamilleri mentioned to me his 'car numbers' which duplicate 2 "KITS" sold in the USA [at least if the first 3 digits of our kit's 18 digit "frame number" are the same sequence...]; possibly the other 15 digits are different designating the turnkey version vs kit sequence??? [kit example: xxxRBKSFCMH2220204]. I have identified 22 KIT frame numbers from 001 up thru 069, not all in sequence; 3 in Europe.
    So this begs the question if there exists a registry of those 30 factory TURNKEY V6 cars & their related 'frame numbers' ??? And if there are truly another 30-some KITS originally sold by the K1 factory as discussed in other forum postings.


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      I have often wondered about those turnkey cars. I only communicated with one member indirectly that had one, which was being redone to be electric. Where did the other 29 go and which country are they in I wonder...