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Another "Will it fit" Question: Vr6 Edition

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  • Another "Will it fit" Question: Vr6 Edition

    Hi, I am new to the forum and to kit car building (definitely not a red flag). I plan on replacing my current car with a new daily driver but I want to try using the engine from the old car in a kit.

    The car in question is a 2009 VW CC FWD with a 3.6L NA VR6 engine. I have taken great care of the engine over the years and love the idea of putting it into a lighter car with a RWD. I also know as a VR6 its pretty compact but this one is also the largest one VW made. I probably won't try to do anything more to the engine other than a tune to push the HP over 300. Throwing in a supercharger would be cool but probably not feasible for this build without welding the frame which I would like to at least keep to a minimum. I will also use a different transmission. Haven't decided what yet but I was thinking of getting a 6-speed ZF manual from an audi TT.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated. And yes I know just going for an alternate engine automatically entails a lot of extra work.

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    Hi and welcome,
    There has been an experience of placing 3.0V6 from acura to K1 Attack. But as far as I recall it had minor frome mods due to being Honda/Acura family engine points of attachment.
    So in general dimensions I think it would fit in with audi TT gearbox. However frame mods would definetely be required to get it hanging, to get suspension geometry right.