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    Not sure if this is in the right area, admin feel free to move it if needed.

    im currently saving for a K1, I have plans of using my Volvo T5 as my donor car, she produces more power than the Honda and is about 100lbs lighter, I currently have her tuned to 330BHP.

    one of my good friends owns a Volvo breakers so sourcing parts and making things work and fabrication shouldn’t be a real issue.

    Electrically I’m an electrician and will be able to get most things going myself, I plan to use a custom Megasquirt ECU to control everything.

    now my questions are, is the 2.5 5 cylinder turbo T5 engine actually going to be suitable for the car?

    where have you guys been mounting the intercooler on forced induction engines?

    how much storage space is there once complete, only really need to fit an overnight bag in somewhere?

    thanks guys and gals

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    Hi and welcome!

    It is a good approach to study what is on the table and how it can be modified))

    Inline 5 cylinder would be harder to put in then inline 4. You would need exact dimension of engine bay to understand if it can be swaped in. Rather then just squizing it in you would have to make new suspension mounts to have right geometry and frame to accept and withstand 330hp. Rewelding can get your saved 50lbs back not talking about engineering skills needed.

    I would suggest you to study k24 engine option, easier to install, can to get 350hp NA setup, or 500hp boosted.

    For intercooler there is minor exerience for forced induction on an Attack, but my setup of h22 450hp+ tirbo has air/water intercooler to have a less turbo lag and water cooler is installed in the side air window. However I didn't have a good track tests to say if it is enough.

    ​​​​​​About the storage it is being discussed here

    The general answer is yes you can find some space to make a medium backpack sized trunk.


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      Thanks for the reply vivo, the more I’ve looked the more I’ve come to the conclusion that my T5 will be a lot more work which is a shame as I adore the sound the 5 cylinder makes.

      ive been looking into the K24 along with the ES GTE as any money saved by using the T5 will ultimately be lost in additional costs and time.

      back to the drawing board and more research.


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        If you want to follow this way, please contact me to my mail.

        [email protected]

        We are working with a new type of universal chassis (custom made rear axle). If you write me parameters of your powertrain, I can verify it for you.