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JDM H22A P0F Problem

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  • JDM H22A P0F Problem

    Hello Guys,

    First and foremost, I am new to this forum and I am in no way a qualify mechanic. Just bought an 97 Honda Accord, H22A black top with JDM P0F ECU. I'm having some issue as per below list:

    1. I start my car, some times it runs fine, and some times it will idle rough and dies out. *Suspected IACV, so I had cleaned and tighten the spring, yet problem still remains

    2. When I drive the car for some time, the car will suddenly loses power / hesitate during acceleration some times the car will even feels like fuel starvation and I cannot accelerate further, CEL will show up during the incident happened, once I restart the car the CEL will go away, it will then pops up again whenever I drive it for some time.

    I really hope someone here could help me out on this.

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    Hi Rand-

    It might be better if you post to a honda type forum. This forum has very few active members and we are all building K1 Attack kit cars. We aren't here to diagnose random engine issues for a Honda Accord. Good luck to you-


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      Hi Dis1,

      Thank you for the reply. I will look for other forum.


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        Try to check fuel injectors. When the car is cold, it goes to another mode and may goes better for a while. We had a similar problem with H22 engine in K-1. It was hard to find a problem, because the car was fine sometimes.


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          Based on the symptoms you described, it seems that your Honda Accord is experiencing some issues related to fuel delivery or ignition. Regarding your first issue, a rough idle and stalling could be caused by several factors, including a malfunctioning Idle Air Control Valve (IACV), a dirty throttle body, or a vacuum leak. This can be a serious problem and car repairs will cost too much. I would advise you to buy a new car, on you can find amazing cars in perfect condition.
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