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    I have an STi... I'd like to build an Attack... familiar with the STi 2.5 H4. How much room is there in the Attack? Obviously, this is a very wide engine, and exterior dimension likely to be considerably larger than the H22 honda engine that seems popular.

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    No dice? One thing I thought about was the 2.0l H4 from the wrx. A lil smaller


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      Nothing other than an H22/F22 is going to bolt in. Anything else will involve fabrication and probably some math, if you're comfortable with that then you could get a GE90-115B in there with enough skill/money/time. No one has done it and at the rate these cars are being built it is unlikely anyone ever will. Plus, if you were to try get an AWD setup built for a front engine into the back of an Attack you would run into some issues. Nothing a machine shop and a crowbar couldn't work around, but it would have to be one hell of a crowbar.


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        It needed a little bit work but the result is worth having.


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          the STi engine is not going to work in a car like this. the way the engine bay is positioned in relation to the wheelbase makes it very difficult to use anything but a transverse drivetrain.

          the STi drivetrain is longitudinal, so any transmission you would use would stick out maybe 1 foot past the rear bumper.

          what some people have done to mount WRX/STi motors in mid-engine cars, is to use the early FWD Impreza transmission. it works like a transaxle, it is a longitudinal FWD setup, so the axles come out of the sides of the tranny (like a porsche 911, or any mid-engine ferrari transaxles).

          but like i said, not enough room.

          stick with the honda engines, theres no need for a subaru engine in a car this light. plus the H22 and newer K-series engines can make just as much power as a Suby engine.
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