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All Motor JDM H22A Vtec FULLY BUILT Motor 250++ WHP

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  • All Motor JDM H22A Vtec FULLY BUILT Motor 250++ WHP

    *I've posted this in the For Sale forum, though I am posting it here also, since I believe many engine people may also be able to extract some good information on my H22 build also in this forum, perhaps as a model. This setup had over 2 years of research in building/choosing the optimal parts, and is now for sale*

    Up for sale is my fully built H22A longblock. Zero Miles on setup. Every part has been replaced with brand new parts, from seals to all internals. Setup has potential for a conservative estimate of over 250+WHP all motor with good tuning (although i've seen similar, yet less agressive setups push up to 290hp to the wheels, so it really depends on your tuning and the rest of the way you set the motor up). *By the way, for those who are not quite as technically aware of estimated HP figures, a dyno'd 250WHP, which is hp measured at the wheels on a dyno, in the honda world, calculating a ~15% +/- drivetrain loss, measures out to close to ~300hp at the crankshaft, and for those more used to hearing crankshaft quoted HP numbers, those are the numbers that car manufacturers usually quote their cars at.

    This H22A in an Attack will be extremely fast.

    Serious buyers only please. Thanks... $10k invested, selling for only $7400/obo. First come, first serve... Get it before its gone!

    - 1995 JDM H22A Block - Closed Deck!
    - RS Machines Sleeves, Overbored to 88mm
    - IBSpec Wiseco custom 12.5:1 88mm Forged Pistons (deep valve reliefs)
    - New Piston Rings
    - Probe ULTRALITE Rods (lightest H22A forged rods), ARP Rod Bolts
    - Brand New Bearings, Thrusts, Gaskets, Seals, etc.
    - New OEM Honda Water Pump
    - New OEM Honda Oil Pump
    - Prodrive Billet Oil Pump Gear
    - ARP Head Studs
    - Micropolished and Custom Crankshaft work
    - Hot Tanked, Precision Bored
    - Professionally Balanced, Blueprinted, and Assembled
    - Balance Shafts Removed
    - Complete Bottom End Balanced with Clutchmasters 8lb Flywheel

    - 1995 JDM H22A DOHC VTEC Head
    - Features Complete Race Headwork by PORTFLOW
    - IBSpec/Portflow Port & Polish Competition Race Package
    - SKUNK2 0.5mm Oversized Black Nitrited Race Valves
    - SKUNK2 Titanium Retainers
    - SKUNK2 Race Valve Springs
    - SKUNK2 Stage II Race Camshafts (Intake: 12.8mm, 267; Exhaust: 11.8mm, 274)
    - SKUNK2 Silver Adjustable Camshaft Sprockets
    - HONDATA Intake Manifold Heatshield Gasket
    - OEM Honda Head Gasket
    - AEBS Triple Cam Seal
    - GReddy Upgraded Strong Reinforced Blue Timing Belt

    My memory isn't as good as it used to be, so I probably left some things out. This Motor was assembled by the Man himself, JERRY, as in "Jerry Built". You know him, you love him...Pilot of the quickest all motor street daily driven honda in California. This motor was assembled at Importbuilders ( Machine work/sleeves done by RS Machines ( Headwork performed by PORTFLOW USA ( All SKUNK2 parts were obtained by InlineFour ( Prodrive ( Oil Pump Gear was picked up directly from the Prodrive Warehouse/Headquarters. Hondata ( Intake manifold gasket obtained from the owner, the man, Doug. All OEM Honda parts obtained directly from the Honda Dealership.

    This motor began as a 2.2L, but now the displacement has bumped up slightly greater, due to the 88mm Pistons.

    Keep in mind, a good amount of weight from the bottom end has been taken off. This is due to lack of balance shafts, the custom crankwork, lightened rods, lightweight pistons, etc. Balance all of that, combine it with the 8lb flywheel, and you're revving this beast like a streetbike (well not quite that fast, but you catch my drift here).

    Everything in this motor is brand new. Motor has ZERO miles on it. Fully Assembled and ready to make your Attack very fast. Again, I repeat, Motor is BRAND NEW with ZERO Miles.

    With good Hondata Tuning, SMSP header, a free flowing 2.5" straight exhaust, and proper intake setup, this motor will make at least 250+WHP conservatively.

    Email me at or PM me here if you are interested in buying this motor!

    San Diego, California