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    Looks good. It would be a pretty smooth motor, and the tq. output if very desirable. Would it be bolt in like the H22? Same mounting points and things though?



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      I'm not sure about the mounting points, but I have noticed that two of the mount bushings look identical to the accords. I got confused though when I learned that the third mount was somehow electricaly modulated.


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        Decision Time

        I've decided now that the G25A1 is going to be the motor I will use. The stock numbers of 176hp and 170trq aren't going to cut it though. At first I had been thinking that because this motor has little aftermarket (make that NONE) that I would probably just pass on the whole idea. But then again, what really is the in the aftermarket that makes any meaningful change to a small displacement engine? Bolt-on's, Ignition components, Electronics, forced induction, and then mechanical parts. Mechanical parts are what establish an engine's dynamics, and these cost nearly the same off the shelf as they do custom fabricated.

        A well established import machine/racing shop has quoted me the following. "with this in mind: without increasing the stroke you will see around 235 to 245 flywheel hp and 210 to 215 ft lb

        As for the transmission problem, I am going to have to move the mounting points forward about six inches. Considering the minimum three inches that the header extends anyway, and having looked through a good number of build photgraphes, and since the engine is mounted longitudinal; I don't think I will have clearance problems.


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          Even if a motor has absolutely no aftermarket, much can be found to improve on within the motor, every manufacturer leaves a few things undone due to either production costs or to increase fuel economy. Things such as blocking heat riser ports on heads to provide a cooler air-fuel mixture, only if you do not live in a cool climate, pocket porting, bigger valves, extrude honing the intake runners, balancing and blueprinting the engine.

          People like JE and Keith Black will make special pistons for any application you desire, any compression ratio you desire. I am certain there is a fair amount of hidden horsepower in that motor.
          So what's going in my Attack?
          "Project Blitzkrieg"
          Top Secret nowadays

          In the meantime: 2003 Mazda 6S, debadged, demolded, Hurst T-handle shifter, MSD Stacker-8 Ignition, 160F t-stat, throttle body grounded and coolant bypassed, blackened headlights, Boston Acoustic ProSeries 6.5 component speakers. 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT, 77,000 original miles, hole in the V6 block to be remedied with a built 350 V8 and GM 462 double-hump heads.


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            "Hello Michael we would start out sleeving the block then increasing the bore and possibly stroking the crank depending on the type of power you are looking to produce. Also we would replace the connecting rods with stronger and lighter ones, raise the compression with forged pistons, balance and blueprint the engine. We would then CNC port the head and upgrade
            the valve train with titanium retainers, race springs, 7075 aluminum roller rockers, and stainless steal valves. Also install a new uprated oil pump. Thanks for the inquiry"

            I've been weighing the dis/advantages of not having a turbo in my build options. A turbo would make loads of heat, take loads of space, cost loads of money every 70,000 miles though. If I go with a built motor, I would always have the option of nitrous oxide

            I have calcutated that the Attack would run a mid to low 12 second 1/4 mile on the upgrade engine. A shot of nitrous could take that down to a low 11.


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              A little side-note on internals:
              A 2.5L 5cyl engine, assuming the same stroke, will share the same diameter pistons as a 2L 4 cyl...

              So, pistons may be available off-the-shelf to build this motor.

              As I mentioned, it depends if the engine shares the same stroke as the 4 cyl motors..

              Personally, in Aus, I've never heard of a Vigor or G25A...

              I know that the C27 Legend motor is the same layout with regards to engine direction and trans placement.
              Not sure about the earlier C25's...
              Use Only Under Adult Supervision


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                1992 Acura Vigor LS (AT)

                Okay. I KNOW this is a dead thread, but I had to say something.

                So naturally, owning a 1990 CB7 coupe I happen to have come across the vaunted K1.
                Having looked it over for the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that, Yes, I would like one.

                Back more to the point at hand, doing a google on my G25A1, I came across this thread. I read it and I would like to asnwer a few questions you might have with regards to the Vigor and the G25A1.

                First off, I own a 92 Vigor LS. Let me tell you about it;
                It's an automatic, but that's by no means a black mark upon the car or the transmission. They are indeed quite smooth and the ecu's of the engine and the tranny communicate between each other to ensure smooth shifts. They actually retard the fuel and spark to keep from the driver experiencing any lurches/power shifts.

                The Transmission is exactly like a Rear Wheel drive differential, but picture thet you had a RWD setup and then floded the driveshaft in half and stuffed everything up front.
                That's effectively what has happened to the Vigor. Works pretty well too.
                The same thing was done with the Legends, but they have the V6 and the shaft that runs through the pan is on the Left. The Vigor has the shaft that runs through the pan on the Right.

                The Vigor's motor is tilted to the right 35 degrees, (If looking at it from the front,) to help keep that long and sexy hoodline low.
                The Differential uses 80W90 gear oil and is on the Right (Drivers) side.
                She runs on Premium unleaded fuel (91-92) and will run with reduced performance on 87 octane. There are knock sensors mounted on the engine to help the ecu prevent detonation by delaying spark when necessary. (Usually when using 87.)

                Engine Shot
                That is a beautiful picture of the engine bay. As you can see, Micheal got almost a perfect viewpoint to demonstrate the sive of this engine and how much room it takes. The Transmission is pretty much the same size, people.

                Yep. They're Huge as far as Honda world is concerned and they're not going to fit easily into the relatively small bay of an Attack, I think. Also...I might be worried about the fact that there is going to be a Big shift in the weight distribution of the car now. (I think it'll make the front end kinda light.)

                Please, feel free to ask if you have any other questions regarding the G25A1 and such. Oh and I wonder how this idea fared....? Did it work??


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                  Is anyone still on this forum? Iím a lil late to the party lol


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                    Yup, there are a few of us still lurking around.


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                      Ok, cool. So I have one question that might be the dumbest question said on a forum but at g25a1ís interference or non interference engines?


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                        I'm assuming non-interference but that's just based on a google search.